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All games currently available through GameHub (2001-2500)
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Storm Boy

Thief of Thieves - Season One

Scribblenauts Showdown

PONG Quest

Cooking Mama - Cookstar

Desert Child

Grand Theft Auto - The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition


Make War


AeternoBlade II

Vaccine (2017)



The Elder Scrolls - Blades

Contra - Rogue Corps


Nickelodeon Kart Racers

Senran Kagura Reflexions

Hello Neighbor

The Deer God

Blades of Time

Touhou Kobuto V - Burst Battle

Hollow (2017)

Balan Wonderworld

Arc of Alchemist

Fantasy Hero - Unsigned Legacy

ARK - Survival Evolved

Tiny Racer

Vroom in the Night Sky



Disney Magical World 2 - Enchanted Edition

Super Mario 3D World

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Rayman Legends

The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker HD

Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2

Skylanders Swap Force

Deus Ex - Human Revolution - Directors Cut

Mario Kart 8

Super Mario Maker

Shovel Knight

Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1

Skylanders SuperChargers

Pikmin 3

Need for Speed - Most Wanted

Gunman Clive HD Collection

The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess HD

Mass Effect 3

Assassins Creed III

NBA 2K13

Darksiders II

Batman - Arkham City - Armored Edition

Trine 2 - Directors Cut

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Mutant Mudds Deluxe

Bit.Trip Presents...Runner2 - Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

New Super Mario Bros. U

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Mutant Mudds - Super Challenge


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Stealth Inc 2 - A Game of Clones

Art of Balance

Art Academy - Home Studio

Year Walk


Call of Duty - Black Ops II


Stick it to the Man!

Affordable Space Adventures

Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Skylanders Giants

Pushmo World


Edge (2011)

Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails

Noitu Love 2 - Devolution

Extreme Exorcism

Yoshis Woolly World

Swords and Soldiers

Adventures of Pip

The Wonderful 101

Electronic Super Joy

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

Nintendo Land

RUSH (2010)

LEGO Batman 2 - DC Super Heroes


Dungeons and Dragons - Chronicles of Mystara

New Super Luigi U

Tetrobot and Co.

Knytt Underground


Pokken Tournament

Elliot Quest

Your Shape - Fitness Evolved 2013

Disney DuckTales - Remastered


Hyrule Warriors

Lone Survivor

Paper Mario - Color Splash

XType Plus

Madden NFL 13

Dont Starve - Giant Edition

Spin the Bottle - Bumpies Party

Cloudberry Kingdom

Paper Monsters Recut

Star Fox Guard


NES Remix 2

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse


Scribblenauts Unlimited

Just Dance 2016


Wii Fit U

Just Dance 2014 (French)


The Cave (2013)

NES Remix

Disney Infinity

Scribblenauts Unmasked - A DC Comics Adventure

Nano Assault Neo

Mario vs. Donkey Kong - Tipping Stars



Ninja Gaiden 3 - Razors Edge

Star Fox Zero

FIFA Soccer 13

Squids Odyssey

Q.U.B.E. Directors Cut

Wii Sports Club

Citizens of Earth

Underground (2015)

Just Dance 4

The Amazing Spider-Man

Mario Party 10

One Piece - Unlimited World Red

Kung Fu Rabbit

Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Wii Party U

Dr. Luigi

Warriors Orochi 3

Chasing Aurora

Cubemen 2

Sonic - Lost World

Wooden SenSeY

Watch Dogs

Pure Chess

F1 Race Stars

Game and Wario

SiNG Party

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Secret Paths

Abyss (2012)

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Mario Tennis - Ultra Smash


Shadow Puppeteer

Disney Epic Mickey 2 - The Power of Two

Roving Rogue

Transformers Prime - The Game

Super Toy Cars

How to Survive

Cube Life - Island Survival

Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Temple of Yog

Blok Drop U

Ice Cream Surfer

Rabbids Land

Disney Planes

Funky Barn

Marvel Avengers - Battle for Earth

Pokemon Rumble U


Mighty No. 9

Gravity Badgers

Animal Crossing - amiibo Festival

Tank! Tank! Tank!

Rodea the Sky Soldier

Devils Third

Ben 10 - Omniverse

Adventure Time - Explore the Dungeon Because I DONT KNOW!

Sonic Boom - Rise of Lyric

ESPN Sports Connection

Game Party Champions

Family Party - 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword

Rock Band 2

Xenoblade Chronicles

Rayman Origins

Rock Band 3

Metroid Prime Trilogy

Resident Evil 4 (2005)


Metroid Prime 3 - Corruption

The Beatles - Rock Band

Cave Story

Guitar Hero 5

DJ Hero 2

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10


New Super Mario Bros. Wii

DJ Hero

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Zack and Wiki - Quest for Barbaros Treasure

Little Kings Story

Sin and Punishment - Star Successor

LostWinds - Winter of the Melodias

Kirbys Epic Yarn

Bomberman Blast

Boom Blox Bash Party



Guitar Hero World Tour (2008)

Guitar Hero III - Legends of Rock

Tetris Party

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom - Ultimate All-Stars

Maboshis Arcade

Super Paper Mario

Guitar Hero - Metallica

Boom Blox

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 - The Masters

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

Monster Hunter Tri

Bit.Trip Complete and THE BIT.TRIP

MLB Power Pros

Mega Man 9

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 5 - Rise of the Pirate God

WarioWare - Smooth Moves

Rhythm Heaven Fever

And Yet It Moves

Bully - Scholarship Edition

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Call of Duty - World at War

Strong Bads Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 5 - 8-Bit Is Enough

Dead Space - Extraction


Trauma Team

Pinball Hall of Fame - The Williams Collection

NyxQuest - Kindred Spirits

Mario Kart Wii

Art Style - ORBIENT
Madden NFL 09

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Mega Man 10

Dawn of Discovery

Bit.Trip Flux

GoldenEye 007 (2010)


EA Sports Active

Madden NFL 07

escapeVektor - Chapter 1


Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode 1

Muramasa - The Demon Blade

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

Skylanders - Spyros Adventure

Rage of the Gladiator

LEGO Star Wars - The Complete Saga

Wii Sports Resort

Red Steel 2

Wii Fit Plus

Call of Duty - Black Ops

EA Sports Active More Workouts

A Boy and His Blob

Bit.Trip Beat

Trauma Center - Second Opinion

FIFA Soccer 09

The Last Story

Rock Band

Geometry Wars - Galaxies

Wii Fit

Bit.Trip Core

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - My Life as a King

NBA Jam (2010)

Metroid - Other M

Rubiks Puzzle Galaxy - RUSH

NHL 2K10

You, Me, and the Cubes

EA Sports Active 2

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Bit.Trip Void

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1 - Launch of the Screaming Narwhal

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009

LEGO Harry Potter - Years 1-4

Mini Ninjas

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2 - The Siege of Spinner Cay

de Blob 2

Band Hero

MLB Power Pros 2008

Silent Hill - Shattered Memories

Rune Factory Frontier

Mario Strikers Charged

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010

The House of the Dead - Overkill

Castlevania - The Adventure ReBirth

Rabbids Go Home

Shaun White Snowboarding

Disney Guilty Party

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Blast Works - Build, Trade, Destroy

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Sonic Colors

Fire Emblem - Radiant Dawn

The Magic Obelisk

MySims Agents

Grand Slam Tennis (2012)

Wario Land - Shake It!

Lego Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures

Excitebots - Trick Racing

Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands

Project Zero 2 - Wii Edition

Kirbys Return to Dream Land

The Godfather


Madden NFL 10

Tomena Sanner

Guitar Hero - Warriors of Rock

Klonoa - Door to Phantomile

Trauma Center - New Blood

Mercury Meltdown Revolution

Green Day - Rock Band

Rayman Raving Rabbids

Madden NFL 08

Endless Ocean - Blue World

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

LEGO Harry Potter - Years 5-7

MySims Kingdom

Contra ReBirth

Harvest Moon - Animal Parade

Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare

LEGO Star Wars III - The Clone Wars

Bubble Bobble Neo!

Final Fantasy Fables - Chocobos Dungeon

Bit.Trip Runner

Disney and Pixar Toy Story 3

NHL Slapshot

Art Style - light trax

Order Up!

Phantom Brave

Wii Sports

Max and the Magic Marker

Ghostbusters - The Video Game

Resident Evil (Remake)

Bonsai Barber

Resident Evil - The Umbrella Chronicles

Groovin Blocks

Battalion Wars 2

FIFA Soccer 10

Resident Evil - The Darkside Chronicles

We Love Golf!

Ice Age - Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core


Sakura Wars - So Long, My Love

Bit.Trip Fate

Spider-Man - Shattered Dimensions

Ivy the Kiwi

Naruto - Clash of Ninja Revolution

Marble Saga - Kororinpa

Super Monkey Ball - Banana Blitz

The Sky Crawlers - Innocent Aces

LEGO Batman - The Videogame

Just Dance 3

Broken Sword - Shadow of the Templars

TrackMania - Build to Race

Naruto Shippuden - Clash of Ninja Revolution III


Sam and Max - Save the World

Dive - The Medes Islands Secret

Just Dance 2

SSX Blur

Guitar Hero - Smash Hits

Medal of Honor Heroes 2

WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase

The Sims 2 - Castaway

FIFA Soccer 11

Mario Party 9

Pandoras Tower

Rayman Raving Rabbids - TV Party

Animal Crossing - City Folk

Art Style - CUBELLO

Virtua Tennis 2009

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - The Video Game

Marvel - Ultimate Alliance

Guitar Hero - Aerosmith

Tomb Raider - Anniversary

Metal Slug Anthology

Disney Epic Mickey

SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1

FAST - Racing League

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party

Monster Lab

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - My Life as a Darklord

Dokapon Kingdom

Excite Truck

chick chick BOOM

Naruto - Clash of Ninja Revolution 2

Dragon Ball Z - Budokai Tenkaichi 2

Disneys Chicken Little - Ace in Action

Endless Ocean

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

Dragon Ball Z - Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Tetris Party Deluxe

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Deadly Creatures

Lego Indiana Jones 2 - The Adventure Continues

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

Shaun White Snowboarding - World Stage

Mushroom Men - The Spore Wars

Dr. Mario Online RX

Super Swing Golf

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Shiren the Wanderer

Puzzle Quest - Challenge of the Warlords

uDraw Studio

Mortal Kombat - Armageddon

Scarface - The World Is Yours

Spectrobes - Origins

Sega Superstars Tennis

Tornado Outbreak

DRiiFT Mania

Star Wars - The Force Unleashed II

Death Jr. - Root of Evil

Pictionary (2010)

The Munchables

Super Swing Golf Season 2

MX vs. ATV Untamed

Crash - Mind Over Mutant

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

Magnetica Twist

FIFA Soccer 12

Batman - The Brave and the Bold - The Videogame

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3

Tomb Raider - Underworld

Lets TAP

Lego Rock Band

Thrillville - Off the Rails

The Kore Gang

NASCAR Kart Racing

Jett Rocket

Excitebike - World Rally

Rogue Trooper - Quartz Zone Massacre

Skate It

Block Breaker Deluxe

Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941 - Red Sun Rising

Tenchu - Shadow Assassins

Little League World Series Baseball 2008

DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda

Prince of Persia Rival Swords

Art Style - ROTOHEX

The King of Fighters Collection - The Orochi Saga

Super Mario All-Stars

Monopoly (2008)

F1 2009

Speed Racer

Gradius ReBirth

Disney and Pixar Cars 2

Kororinpa - Marble Mania

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Disaster - Day of Crisis

Harvest Moon - Magical Melody

The Conduit


Tony Hawks Downhill Jam


DreamWorks Monsters vs. Aliens

NiGHTS - Journey of Dreams

Ghost Squad

Sonic and the Secret Rings

Need for Speed - Nitro

Final Fantasy IV - The After Years

Mario Super Sluggers

Dance Dance Revolution - Hottest Party 2

Call of Duty 3

Crash of the Titans

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Fishing Resort


Art Style - Rotozoa

WWE All Stars

Links Crossbow Training

Overlord - Dark Legend

Chronos Twins DX

MySims Racing

Tales of Symphonia - Dawn of the New World

Lost in Shadow

Wii Party

My Word Coach

Big Brain Academy - Wii Degree

Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis

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