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Tamayura - Mitama Okuri no Uta

Battle for Venga Islands

Sound Shapes - Car Mini-Album and Creator Pack

Lose the Heat 2

Need for Speed - The Run - Italian Pack

Frontier Gate

Haluz 2

Pirates of the Atlantic

Westward Kingdoms

Toros Friend Network

Nora to Toki no Koubou - Kiri no Mori no Majo

Monopoly Collection

Nickelodeon Dance

9 Ball Pool Champion

Farming Simulator

The Curse of Montezuma

Symphony of Eternity

Warriors Orochi 3 - Stage Pack 10

Da Fu Weng 5

Constant C

Nancy Drew - The Captive Curse

Avatar Without a Chute

Wappy Dog

Brain Jump 2

Horned Toad Hornswaggle

Avatar Panic

Final Failure

Sesame Street - Ready, Set, Grover!

Bub Block

Zombie Driver HD - Apocalypse Pack

Crazy Hobo

Critical Mass (2011)

Sallys Studio

Mega Mall Story

Fredriksdal Assault

Antique Road Trip - USA

Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser

Nova Remnant

Mahjong 3D - Warriors of the Emperor

Suske en Wiske - De Texas Rakkers

Mega Minis Volume 3

Stellar Impact - Support Ship

Hidden Expedition - The Uncharted Islands

Amazing Breaker

Luxor 2 HD

Fatal Seduction

Amnesia Twin Pack

Duael Invaders


Nick Chase and the Deadly Diamond

Amazing Adventures - The Forgotten Dynasty


Blackstone - Part One

Namco Collection Volume 2

Fit and Fun

Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 - Falcoms License

Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 - Gamindustri Memories

World Riddles - Animals


Uphill Rush 4


NASCAR Unleashed

Now! Thats What I Call Music - Dance and Sing

Trivial Pursuit - Bet You Know It

Nintendo Video

Jukugo Quiz

Hoyle Puzzle and Board Game 2012

Crane Simulator 2009

Kimikare - Shingakki

Squinkies 2 - Adventure Mall Surprize!

Homeless (2011)

Borderlands 2 - Captain Scarlett and Her Pirates Booty

Kakuro Epic

Black Wolves Saga - Last Hope


Awakening (2009)

Kidou Senshi Gundam AGE - Cosmic Drive

G1 Grand Prix

Platform Hack

Masters of Influence

PachiPara DL - Hyper Umi in Carib

Panya Special Package

The Missing - A Search and Rescue Mystery

Baby Jones

Mamegoma - Yoi Ko Marui Ko Genki na Ko

Downtown Secrets

Mars Revenge

Motto Me de Unou o Kitaeru Sokudoku Jutsu Light

Sparky vs. Glutters

Gary Grigsbys War in the East - Don to the Danube

Gravitas (2012)


My Melody to Minna no Nurie

Zoobles! Spring to Life!

Call of Cthulhu - The Wasted Land

Oil Magnate


The Sultans Labyrinth - A Royal Sacrifice

Touch Battle Tank 3D

101 Pinball World


Forge of Empires

Living Dead (2011)

Paddle Wars

Flip N Shift


Millennium 5 - The Battle of the Millennium

Beach Bubbles 2

Smuggle Truck

Summer Camp (2011)

BtS - Evacuation

Misshitsu no Sacrifice - Miki High Tension Night

Balloon Blast (2004)

Popn Music Portable 2

Mos Speedrun

Dungeons of Dredmor - You Have To Name The Expansion Pack

Alien Hideout

Born to Fire

Hoyle Casino Games 2012

Onechanbara Z - Kagura

Bomb Those Wheelers

Nintendo Pocket Football Club

Kakuro by Nikoli

Kansei - The Second Turn


Grand Ages - Rome - Gold Edition

Dark Tales - Edgar Allan Poes The Black Cat

Dwarven Depths

Kids Learn Spelling and Grammar - A+ Edition


Fruit Ninja

FIM Speedway Grand Prix 4

Serious Sam - The Greek Encounter

Summer Stars 2012


Taisen Gindan Shooting

Freedom Cry

The Chosen

DreamWorks Madagascar 3 - The Video Game

Halo 4 - Crimson Map Pack

Namco History Volume 3

DanceDanceRevolution II


StarCatcher (2011)

Dungeon Lords MMXII

Babel Running

Memories Off Plus!

The Princess Case - A Royal Scoop

MegaUP - Upload if you can!

Avatar downhill


The Mystery Novel

A Pixel Escape

Dirt Track Racer

Witches Legacy - The Charleston Curse

Lucent Heart - Stadia

Love Plus Tools


Asphalt 7 - Heat

Letters from Nowhere 2


Shirahana no Ori - Hiiro no Kakera 4

Murder, Mystery and Masks Triple Pack

Forza Horizon - March Meguiars Car Pack

Craftimals - Build to the Sun


Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - New Party Member CC2

Birds of Steel - Map Pack 1 (Britain)

Dark Shadows - Army of Evil

Jet Set Willy 360

Kamen Rider - Chou Climax Heroes

Ironclads - Chincha Islands War 1866

Pokemon Card Game - Asobikata DS

A Hard Game Without Zombies

Kobitodzukan - Kobito Kansatsu Set

RC Mini Racers

Aika Online - Epic III - Descent

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze

Minna de Dokusho - Torimonochou

Vanguard II

Fire Emblem - Awakening - Smash Brethren 2

Fire Emblem - Awakening - Roster Rescue

Avatar Fighter Online

Warriors Orochi 3 - Stage Pack 4

Xianjian Qixia Zhuan 4

Solitaire Kingdom Supreme

Oh! Edo Towns

Alien Spidy - Easy Breezy

I, Zombie

Corpse Party - Sweet Sachikos Hysteric Birthday Bash

Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math - The Case of the Crumbling Cathedral

Rabi Laby 3

Assassins Creed Double Pack

The Never Ending Game 2

2 Fast 4 Gnomz

Bytown Lumberjack

Chess - Secrets of the Grandmasters

Power Pro Kun Pocket 14

Seek and Find Adventures 3


Freeshot Frenzy

Star Sky

Gem Breaker Twist

Star Conflict - Mercenary Pack - Soldier of Fortune

Captain Backwater

Magical Diary

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle

Cake Ninja

DROD - Gunthro and the Epic Blunder

Smarter Than A Cheerleader

Secrets of the Titanic

Monochrome Racing

Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2012

Best of Board Games DS

RAVENMARK - Scourge of Estellion

The Aquarium of Luck

Lights, Camera, Party!

Wedding Salon

All the Bad Parts

Super Zombie Smash

Angry Birds Space

Itsumono Hanafuda

Play As You Go

Mystery Legends - Phantom of the Opera

Fire Emblem - Awakening - Smash Brethren 1

Zombie Invasion (2012)

Bakemonogatari Portable

Assassins Creed - Revelations - Ottoman Edition

Tom Clancys Splinter Cell - Conviction (Mobile)

iBomber Defense Pacific

Honey Badger - Slayer of Memes

Neko Reversi

Mugen Souls - 7 World Redux Additional Battle 3

Star Corsairs

Chuck E. Cheeses Arcade Room


Castle Conqueror - Against

The Second Avernum Trilogy CD


PuppetShow - Lost Town

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - CPU Candidates

Field of Glory - Napoleonic


Star Defender

Crystal Hunters

Crackdown and Mass Effect Double Pack

Rhythm Party


Shin Sangoku Musou Online - Ryuujin Ranbu

XCOM - Enemy Unknown - Slingshot
Mystery P.I. Triple Pack

Kate Arrow - Deserted Wood

Men of War - Gold Collection

Sushi Castle

Dungeons Gold Edition

Legends of Atlantis - Exodus

Train of Afterlife

Cardinal Quest

1st Class Poker and BlackJack

FPS Trainer

Assassins Creed - Ezio Trilogy

Hidden Object Crosswords

The Idolm@ster - Shiny Festa - Funky Note

Danball Senki W

Conquest of Elysium 3


Dolphin Up

Shooting at Monsters

Traffic Wonder

Penumbra - Black Plague Gold Edition

SCHAR - Blue Shield Alliance

Age of Discovery (2012)

War In Box

Grim Facade - Mystery of Venice

I Miss My Girlfriend

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - New Party Member Compa

VM Japan - Power-Up Kit

Dungeonbowl - Amber College

Sleepwalkers Journey


Dragon Forge (2011)

Disney Universe - Phineas and Ferb Level Pack


Stronghold 3 - Gold Edition

Alien Zombie Megadeath

Drip Drip

Star Command

Clyde Hoppers Trajectory

Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires - Suikoden Castle Set

Totally Spies! 4 - Autour du Monde

Hatsune Miku - Project Diva - Dreamy Theater 2nd

Card Hunter

Titan Siege

UAZ Racing 4x4

Hunting Unlimited - Expedition 3 Pack

Hatsune Miku - Project Diva - Dreamy Theater Extend

Blasterball 2 - Holidays

Meikyuu Cross Blood - Reloaded

Casino Chaos with Las Vegas Players Collection

Parasitus - Ninja Zero


T.E.C. 3001

Dual Pack - Secret Agent Clank and Daxter

Head Shot God

Itsumono Shogi

The Conjurer

Fire Emblem - Awakening - The Future Past 3

Family Feud - 2012 Edition

Wacky Waving I. A. F. Avatars

Masyu by Nikoli

The Amazing Spider-Man - Lizard Rampage Pack

RPG Alphadia

Air Band

World Neverland - Kukuria Oukoku Monogatari


Gravity Dash 2

XCOM - Enemy Unknown - Second Wave

Ayumi-Chan Monogatari

Millennium Secrets - Emerald Curse


50 Classic Games 3D

Time and Eternity - A Hint of Fishing

Space Fighter 4000 Training

Antique Road Trip 2 - Homecoming


Super Lemonade Factory

Deadly 30

Bouken Ou Kyuu Juu Kyuu Hyaku



Wii U


Droppin Ballz

DiRT Double Pack

Dangerous Safari

Gamebook Adventures 6 - The Wizard from Tarnath Tor

Kinect Sports - Season Two - Challenge Pack #2


Galaxy Saver

One Epic Game

Iron Girl Kyon

Double Bloob

Disney Universe - Neverland Level Pack

The Angry Hand of God

Avatars Dont Bleed

Egyptian Rat Smash

Sum Fighter

Bridge (2011)

Resistance Dual Pack

50 More Classic Games

Avatar Workout

Ginsei Shogi - Kyoutendotou Fuuraijin


Anima - Ark of Sinners

Puzzler Mind Gym 3D

Angry Birds Trilogy - Anger Management

Zimo - Mahjong Fanatic

Shift It (2011)

Block Cascade Fusion

Sid Meiers Civilization World

Gamebook Adventures 5 - Catacombs of the Undercity

at Sports! Pro Yakyuu 2011

FITS-Fishing in the sea

Merball Tournament

Monmusu Quest

Avatar Typing - Horde Invasion

Zoo Keeper 3D

Star Sonata 2

Dog School - Lovely Puppy

Konneko - Keep a Memory Green

Sanctum - Map Pack 2

Pixel Blocked!

Grand Chase - Chaos

Itsumono Table 5

Primary Potions

Hello Kitty to Issho - Block Crash V

The Goalkeeper

Azito 3D

Mugen Souls - 7 World Redux Additional Battle 1

Escape the Virus - Shoot em Up!

Lucky Game

Rytmik - Retrobits

Disney Universe - Nightmare Before Christmas Level Pack


Dark Reign Redux

Space Pirates Adventures

Sprouts Adventure

Fire Emblem - Awakening - Hot Spring Scramble

Zombie Exodus

Ironclads - Anglo Russian War 1866


Little Charley Bear

Nyan Cat Adventure


Treasure Seekers Trilogy

Littlewitch Parfait - Kuroneko Mahouten Monogatari

Snark Busters

Crazy Balloon Lite

BioHazard Chronicles Value Pack


Jewel Quest Mysteries 2 - Trail of the Midnight Heart

Diamond Digger

The Great Gatsby

Many Bricks Breaker

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - Child CPU

Hack Time

Katana Land



NextRev - FP Ginoukentei Shiken 2-Kyuu

Eureka Seven AO - Jungfrau no Hanabanatachi

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - Gamindustris Mascot

3D Magic Images

Ship Simulator Extremes Collection

The Lord of the Rings Online - Armies of Isengard

757 Jetliner



Gamerscore Tracker

Lots of Guns (2012)


Age of Wushu - Legends of Mount Hua

Arena of Fire

Garden Dash

The Cellar (2012)


The Sandbox

Lootfest - Live Design

AvaGlide 2

Kiss Kiss

Woodcutter Simulator 2012

Space Command

Perfect World International - Descent

Ginga Force

World Ping Pong Championship

Grimm the Bounty Hunter

Balloon Guard

zombie crossing (2012)

Solar Defense (2012)

New Super Mario Bros. 2 - Mystery Adventure Pack

Zombie Monkeys TD

Akatsuki no Goei Trinity


Danzai no Maria - La Campanella

Achtung Panzer - Operation Star

Talkman Travel - Paris

Fruit Ninja Kinect - 8-Bit Cartridge

Goblin Defenders - Steel n Wood

Worms Revolution - Medieval Tales Pack

Grand Prix Story

Munchies Lunch

Massive Assault - Phantom Renaissance

Kinect Me

Radiant Defense

Ascension - Chronicle of the Godslayer

Nikoli no Puzzle V - Kakuro

Mister Jump

Global Ops - Commando Libya

Just Dance - Disney Party


Barbie - Jet, Set and Style!

Shooting Gallery (2011)

Deadliest Warrior - Legends - Joan of Arc

Loren The Amazon Princess - The Castle Of Nmar

Tank Simulator (2011)

Hatsune Miku - Project Diva - Dreamy Theater

World Wars - European Conflicts

Hearts of Iron III Collection

Reel Deal Slots - Gods of Olympus

Mii Maker

Birds of Steel - Map Pack 2 (USSR)

MotionSports Adrenaline - Urban Jungle

Fruit Ninja Kinect - Flower Power

Far Cry 3 - Deluxe Bundle DLC

Halo 4 - Champions Bundle


Everybody Dance

Kinect Googly Eyes

Okiraku Daifugou 3D



Star Ninja

Virtual Attraction - Part 1

Avoid (2012)


Quick Fill Q

Game demo, Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai!

Country Dance All Stars


Crash City Mayhem

Teddy Defender

EverQuest II - The War of Zek

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - The White and Purple CPUs

Space Bat

Shin Kamaitachi no Yoru - 11-ninme no Suspect

Dungeonbowl - Dwarf Kit

New Super Mario Bros. 2 - Coin Challenge Pack C

Paint Splash

Denizens Den

Sugar Cube

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