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Creepy Balls
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GameHub index: 99520

Release on platforms:
Nintendo Switch: N/A

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About the game:
Genre: Matching Puzzle
Developer: D-Lo Games
Publisher: D-Lo Games

Metascore: N/A
Nintendo Switch: N/A

Game Info:
An addictive casual game where you will find creative levels and surprises that will provide you with fun for hours on end! Help the mysterious cat to lead the pumpkin to its final target. To do this, you need to get all the same coloured balls together to get through. The more you can get, the better. There are no limits!

Features of the game:

- Complete the 60 challenging levels.
- Get rewards to access the different boosters.
- Realistic looking balls and fluids.
- Stunning visuals and relaxing enigmatic music add to the charm of the mysterious ambience.
- Perfect for everybody, from kids to grown ups or to play as a family!