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Winter Stars
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GameHub index: 9543

Release on platforms:
1. Xbox 360: November 15, 2011
2. Playstation 3: N/A
3. Nintendo Wii: N/A

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About the game:
Genre: Sports
Developer: Deep Silver
Publisher: Deep Silver

Metascore: 50
1. Xbox 360: 46
2. Playstation 3: 53
3. Nintendo Wii: N/A

Reviews and Overviews:
[65/100] MondoXbox
[64/100] Multiplayer.it
[50/100] Eurogamer Sweden
[45/100] GameSpot
[45/100] Official Xbox Magazine
[35/100] Xbox Achievements

Game Info:
Winter Stars, developed by 49 Games, entices gamers off their sofas with its high quality and easy-to-learn, exhilarating motion controls. The unique "family mode" allows each participant to choose his or her own individual difficulty level, thus making for a fun multiplayer experience with even chances for everyone. In single player mode, Winter Stars offers a campaign full of variety that allows players to experience all aspects of an athlete's career.