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Grave Knight
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GameHub index: 89408

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About the game:
Genre: Visual Novel
Developer: Dreamlight Games
Publisher: Dreamlight Games

Metascore: N/A

Game Info:
Under development, Grave Knight is an interactive RPG adventure inspired by SRD 5.1 ruleset and classical game books, where your decisions weave the fate of the characters and the story. Let the dice forge the fate of your hero and the realm by fighting the Grave knight and his horde.
Grave Knight is a Visual Novel, an interactive RPG-style adventure game, where your choices will determine the path in which the story and characters will develop. Do you save the heroine or let her die? Do you talk to the monsters or face them? Do you take the left or right path? Do you take any chances to save someone, regardless of the consequences or do you let them suffer a cruel fate until death? The fate of the narrative and the world is in your hands (or in the fortune determined by the dice rolls...).