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Ryuu Katana Kyaku
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GameHub index: 80710

Release on platforms:
PC: July 15, 2020

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About the game:
Genre: Visual Novel
Developer: Old High Studio
Publisher: Old High Studio

Metascore: N/A

Game Info:
Ten years ago, Tuoba Baixue was alone in the world. However, because of his cold and arrogant character, people from all walks of life are determined to work together to encircle Qixianglou.
In this battle, although Tuoba Baixue escaped his life, all his family members and lovers died. Disheartened, Tuoba Baixue casually threw the Absolute Sword Technique into the dung pile, and then retreated sadly. Tuoba Baixue, who retired from the rivers and lakes, used the alias Yuan Chuuxue, and opened an inn in Longmenji on the edge of the desert, called the Longmen Inn.
Yuan Chuuxue didn't care about everything around her until an abandoned baby who was left unattended accidentally broke into her life.
There are three celebrities in Longmen Inn, Xiaoer Nie Guanxi, a romantic restaurant who never serves guests, Qinghao Linlin, who is famous for her prostitution, and Yuan Chuuxue, the owner who has never seen her face.
Players will enter the story here, playing as the romantic swordsman Nie Guanxi, under the instructions of the adoptive mother Yuan Chuuxue to find the lost seven knives in various places in the martial arts, and step by step from a baby bird to a swordsman. The main line of the game tells the stories that Nie Guanxi had to tell when he was looking for the seven knives.