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Crazy Otto
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GameHub index: 34688

Release on platforms:
PC: June 12, 2016

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About the game:
Genre: Arcade
Developer: Extend Mode
Publisher: Extend Mode

Metascore: N/A

Game Info:
In 2016's CRAZY OTTO you and up to seven of your friends have a job to do. Run the maze, eat the dots, grab the cake, dodge the dinosaurs.
Unless you are the dinosaurs, in which case you'd better eat CRAZY OTTO and his friends!
At long last, this very special home edition of the greatest arcade machine never made is coming to a video games system near you! What makes it so special? Not only are we bringing you all the thrills of the arcade original, but we've bulked it up to TWENTY-FIVE LEVELS, making CRAZY OTTO the biggest game of all time!
And that's not all! We've added the ability for up to EIGHT SIMULTANEOUS PLAYERS to take control of not just Otto and his friends, but of the baddies that are trying to stop them from eating everything in the maze!