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Snail Story - Love Edition
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GameHub index: 138953

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About the game:
Genre: Visual Novel
Developer: Squish Potato
Publisher: Squish Potato

Metascore: N/A

Game Info:
What if a snail can't accept herself for who she is? Ms. Escargot believes that she will be happier joining the humans, and so she enrolls for a prestigious human university. She gets accepted, which gives her more reason to leave Shelltown. Her quest to break out of her shell begins.
Unfortunately, things don't pan out as smoothly as she thought they would. She meets many potential love interests as she learns more about herself and her past. Mysteries are unraveled, and they make her question what it truly means to be a snail person.
Is Shelltown really as peaceful as it seems? Who will Ms. Escargot fall in love with? And will she get to touch the snailor's barnacles?
Your choices will determine what answers are discovered and if our main character gets the happy ending she deserves.