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The Bearer and The Last Flame
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GameHub index: 13352

Release on platforms:
1. Playstation 5: December 31, 2024
2. PC: N/A

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About the game:
Genre: Action Adventure
Developer: Meridiem Games
Publisher: Meridiem Games

Metascore: N/A
1. Playstation 5: N/A
2. PC: N/A

Game Info:
The Bearer & The Last Flame is a dark fantasy action adventure. Darkness has ravaged the lands of men. Creatures of the night, demons, and the soulless dead roam the confines of the dark realm. Only a glimmer of light hovers over the hills of Inserland. The castles of ancient kings given way to the abodes of the darkest beasts.
You are the bearer of the last light of the world. The last flame.
In your hands is the courage, the determination and your courage to defeat the darkness of the five kingdoms. It is your mission, to transport the last flame, and return the creatures and beasts to their realm of darkness.