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Big Oil - Build an Oil Empire
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GameHub index: 12764

Release on platforms:
PC: July 31, 2006

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About the game:
Genre: Tycoon
Developer: East Entertainment Media
Publisher: Tri Synergy

Metascore: 31
PC: 31

Reviews and Overviews:
[40/100] 1UP
[33/100] IGN
[30/100] GameSpot
[22/100] Digital Entertainment News
[16/100] The A.V. Club

Game Info:
Big Oil leads you into times of the oil industry pioneers. Start your career in one of the historical scenarios or face the challenge of modern times. Found your very own company and lead it to the biggest oil imperium on earth. Whether in single player or multiplayer, demonstrate your strategic ability to become the next "Anaconda" Rockefeller of the BIG OIL world. Build an oil empire. Turn crude to cash. Seventeen historical and modern scenarios from the beginning of the 20th Century until today. Challenging game modes such as historical scenarios, easy or advanced mode, single-player or multiplayer up to 6 players. Extra class graphics with the 3D-Oxygene-Engine. Over 300 different buildings and vehicles out of 3 centuries. Exact historical events such as earthquakes, wars and other catastrophes with direct influence on your company. Complex simulation of real cities like Los Angeles with job market, infrastructure and schools. [Tri Synergy]