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About the game:
Genre: Turn-Based Tactics
Developer: Challenging Games
Publisher: Challenging Games

Metascore: N/A

Game Info:
When the wizards get bored, they begin to arrange battle royales between the brave heroes and the hordes of evil spirits. Choose a hero, manage his plans and predict the moves of opponents. Play against artificial intelligence, as well as with your friends - in cooperative and PvP modes.
Choose the game difficulty, explore the Dark Forest, find powerful artifacts, and improve them using runestones. Destroy enemies on your way, and close Dark Portals to stop their invasion. Find and destroy the Lich Lord to complete the game. And then - adjust the difficulty and start again! Every map is different, also as every playthrough.
The game is turn-based, so you don't have to click faster than your opponents. You have to outwit them by being the best predictor!