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About the game:
Genre: Vertical Shoot-'Em-Up
Developer: Konstantinos Dimitriou Katsoris
Publisher: Konstantinos Dimitriou Katsoris

Metascore: N/A

Game Info:
Netherspace is a retro shoot'em'up game that allows the player to travel through 100 levels of increasingly dangerous enemies. 20 merciless giant bosses will challenge the heroes and must be defeated in order for them to reach the conclusion of their difficult journey.
Powerful weapons are available since the very beginning with more and more of them becoming available as the story progresses.
'Netherprime' can be collected from opponents defeated to enhance the various aspects of the prototype 'Netherpiercer' spaceship, allowing for greatly varied upgrades experimentation after every single boss vanquished. Netherspace features random enemy swarm formation making every single playthrough different than the last one.